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May 12, 2015 at 01:23 PM

Order Confirmation from external-system to C4C using WebService


Hi All,

As we don't have standard A2X services for OrderConfirmation from an external system. Is there any possible way to implement it?

Though I have tried to send the same type of message which was received by C4C for OrderConfirmation from SAP ERP from SOAP UI to test if the same data can be reused for the external system.

I am getting error in HCI : Inbound processing in endpoint at failed with message "SoapFault:faultstring=Authorization role missing for service

"ServiceInterface CustomerQuoteProcessingSalesOrderRequestCreationIn <default> <default>", operation

"Operation UpdateSalesQuoteBasedOnSalesOrderRequest" (UTC timestamp 20150512130826;

Transaction ID 00163E05B4C41ED4BE94FF39640D80D5); faultcode={}Server"

The data sent from SOAP UI is as in the picture where I am getting HTTP:500 internal server error, which I believe could be due to wrong data as in HCI I can see it hits the receiver.

Kindly help us solving this issue. Moreover If there is any other way out, please do mention it.

Thank You,



SOAPUI.PNG (41.4 kB)