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May 12, 2015 at 11:54 AM

The navigation information 'ErrorCaseSet_ERRORDETAILSET' is not valid



I created a project in SEGW and used for my header and detail structure for each a different ABAP CDS view. I built an association from the header to the detail which has a 1..1 relationship.

When I test this all works ok, e.g. I get data for my both entity sets but if I navigate to my detail it doesn't work:


Get this exception:


The navigation information 'ErrorCaseSet_ERRORDETAILSET' is not valid

So I'm on WAS 7.40 SP9 and the Gateway is patched to SP12. I tried to look in OSS for this error but found nothing. Is there a good way to troubleshoot this association stuff?.

Here my config:

And the error:

The application log etc. doesn't really say more. Somehow it doesn't like this ErrorCaseSet_ERRORDETAILSET. This comes from here:

Any idea anybody?




pastedImage_3.png (32.0 kB)
pastedImage_5.png (15.7 kB)