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Jan 31, 2017 at 11:47 AM

Parent -Child hierarchy issue in SAP HANA (while creating SAP WebI Report on CV).


Hello People,

I have created a Parent-Child hierarchy in a graphical calculation view.I use this CV in SAP BO WebI tool, while consuming this CV I am not able to search the parent and child nodes and I am not able get output data in SAP WebI report when I use the CV.

Please let me know if there is any workaround for this Parent-Child hierarchy scenario.

Below are the steps and details i have taken to create the hierarchies and join with transaction table.

Pic 1 : Data available in my hierarchy table. table name is H2

Pic2: Transaction Table Data H2_FACT

Step1: Since my Transaction table has only Location as Id as shown in Pic2 H2 table I am creating a self-join on H2 table to get the TXTSH description to be dispalyed on my BO Report.


Pic4: I have created a Parent Child hierarchy between NODENAME and NODENAME1 each one of the Attribute from Projection 1 and 2.

PCH - Parent-Child hierarchy.

Step 2 :I have created a CV combining the hierarchy CV and Transaction Table.

Join condition is Nodename and Location


Pic6: I have created a Variable as per the below picture using the PCH - parent-child hierarchy in the View/Table for Value help.

I can do a data preview at HANA side and I am able to select the Parent and Child nodes as shown in the below 2 pictures. But when i expose this CV to SAP BO WebI tool I am not able to do search on the Prompt Variable that is created on variable V_LOC and the output is not listed in WebI.




pic1.png (47.3 kB)
pic2.png (13.8 kB)
pic3.png (23.8 kB)
pic4.png (25.4 kB)
pic5.png (29.5 kB)
pic6.png (32.7 kB)
pic7.png (11.6 kB)
pic8.png (16.2 kB)