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May 12, 2015 at 09:32 AM

Sap Screen Personas 2.0 Validate one field



I want to insert the username/usuario, click on "Find/Buscar" and after that appears the name/nombre and the surname/apellido.

It works fine but I want to validate it:

- If the field is empty appears a message saying "Field Empty/Nombre Vacio"

- If the user doesn't exist apperar the message saying "User doesn't Exist/Usuario no existe"

This is my Script:

My problem is in line 8 to below,

How can I check if the user does not exist?

To catch the information about the user I don't have problems. The problem is to know if the user exist or not.

With those lines of the script:

if the field is empty appers the message "Field Empty/Nombre Vacio" OK

if I write an existing username it goes to the screen with the user OK

if I write an false username it goes to the next screen without returning to the main screen saying the error message "User does not exist/Usuario no existe" NO OK

Best regards.


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