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May 12, 2015 at 07:59 AM

Usage of System DB in HANA SP09 MDC


Dear Experts ,

We are in the plan of implementing SAP HANA SP09 in our landscape by using MDC concept since our solution is to use one HANA appliance for both ECC and BO .

I have go through some documents , here is my understanding , while installing HANA we have to choose MDC concept , initially HANA will be installed with default System DB after that we have create tenant DB as per our requirement .

But I have a doubt here , since I need two DB one for ECC and one for BO .

1. Can I use Default system DB for ECC and tenant DB for BO

2. Or should I create two tenant DB , one tenant for ECC and one tenant for BO . Leaving System DB only for central administration.

3. If I should go with option 2 , then what should be the minimum memory I should assign for System DB to operate , since we want to use the max memory for ECC and BO only .

Please advise me .