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May 11, 2015 at 09:10 PM

How suppress criteria tabs when exporting reports to Excel?


My users have many AOLAP reports that use HANA calculation views as their data source. When these users export the reports to Excel, the resulting Excel file contains twice as many tabs as are present on the reports. For each tab on the AOLAP report, the Excel file contains an accompanying tab with a "+" suffix in the tab name (e.g., "Customers", "Customers+", "Vendors", "Vendors+", etc.); this accompanying tab lists the criteria (e.g., start date, end date, etc.) the user selected upon loading the report. Is there a way to suppress these criteria tabs...or perhaps include only one such tab, since the criteria is the same for the entire report and, therefore, doesn't need to be repeated for every tab?

Also, the 'Export to XLSX' dialog box that appears when the user presses the 'Export to Excel' button is confusing:

  • It displays the names of all the tabs in the report twice, in a parent/child relationship. When either the parent or child checkbox is selected or de-selected, the child or parent is also selected or de-selected. What is the purpose of this?
  • Selecting or de-selecting the 'Repeat outer header members' checkbox doesn't seem to have any effect upon the resulting export....or the selection and de-selection described above. What is its purpose?


Export to XLSX.jpg (35.0 kB)