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May 11, 2015 at 07:23 PM

Applying SP05 secure login library UNIX for ECC/CRM


SSO friends,

We're currently in a TRIAL, testing NW SSO 2.0 SP04.

ECC 6.0 EHP6 ABAP AS w NW7.31 SP07

CRM 7.0 EHP2 ABAP AS w NW7.31 SP07

Pure JAVA AS w NW7.02 SP16

All 3 are AIX 6.1 with Kernel 7.21EXT #331

The 2 ABAP stacks have notes: 1832706 / 2010613 / 1819808

Following the GREAT Videos here:

Our Windows7 PCs also have the corresponding SLC SP04, and a SAPGUI utilizing the changes needed for SNC.

SPnego for ABAP with SNC for SAPGUI is working. No MAJOR problems there (yet). We can reach and integrate the WEBGUI/NWBC/BSPs between the systems and not need a password once we log into AD.

But....we want to go to SP05! Not a big deal in terms of pushing out a new SLC SP05 to the PCs..but what about the Secure Logon Library at the UNIX OS LEVEL??

I mean, my real question is....If I "un-SAR" the newest library into my /usr/sap/SID/INSTANCE/SLL directory, MUST I restart the SAP instance entirely in order to get the SP05 functionality/patch????

I hope that makes sense. You guys are great, I have really enjoyed all the great information in the SSO space!!