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May 11, 2015 at 01:23 PM

Hana Installation Error - Cannot create initial topology


Hi dear experts, I'm getting the following problem trying to install Hana on SLES 11 on a VMWare. You can find attached the error log, as you can see I'm using a laptop but I think the memory amount doesn't has to affect the installation because I'm setting --ignore=check_diskspace,check_min_mem.

In addition I'm getting the same error when I use a VM with 30gb RAM.

Can anybody help me?

hana01:/mnt/hgfs/hana/51048744/DATA_UNITS/HDB_SERVER_LINUX_X86_64 # ./hdbinst --ignore=check_diskspace,check_min_mem

SAP HANA Database installation kit detected.

SAP HANA Lifecycle Management - Database Installation


Enter Installation Path [/hana/shared]: /hana/shared

Enter SAP HANA System ID: H10

Resuming broken installation at step 'Creating System'


Index | System Usage | Description


1 | production | System is used in a production environment

2 | test | System is used for testing, not production

3 | development | System is used for development, not production

4 | custom | System usage is neither production, test nor development

Select System Usage / Enter Index [4]: 4

Enter Database User (SYSTEM) Password:

Confirm Database User (SYSTEM) Password:

Restart instance after machine reboot? [n]: n

Checking installation...

Preparing package 'Saphostagent Setup'...

Preparing package 'Python Support'...

Preparing package 'Python Runtime'...

Preparing package 'Product Manifest'...

Preparing package 'Binaries'...

Preparing package 'Installer'...

Preparing package 'Ini Files'...

Preparing package 'Emergency Support Package'...

Preparing package 'Documentation'...

Preparing package 'Delivery Units'...

Preparing package 'DAT Languages'...

Preparing package 'DAT Configfiles'...

Creating System...

Creating System...

Installation failed

error installing

Cannot create Instance

Cannot create instance

Cannot create initial topology

Starting external program /usr/sap/H10/HDB10/exe/hdbnsutil

Command line is: /usr/sap/H10/HDB10/exe/hdbnsutil -initTopology

Output line 1: checking for inactive nameserver ...

Output line 2: nameserver hana01:31001 not responding.

Output line 3: Emergency release. Writing runtime dump!

Output line 4: Finished writing emergency release runtime dump!

Output line 5: Out of memory occured. Writing runtime dump!

Output line 6: Finished writing oom runtime dump!

Program /usr/sap/H10/HDB10/exe/hdbnsutil terminated with error: signal 11

/usr/sap/H10/HDB10/exe/hdbnsutil call failed

Log file written to '/var/tmp/hdb_H10_install_2015-05-11_08.47.20/hdbinst.log'.

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