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May 11, 2015 at 10:08 AM

VBLB table Details Required Sch Agree VA33


D Friends,

  1. We've a Sch Agreement VA31, LZ type. Obviously it has Forecast delivery schedule.
  2. In the Forecast delivery schedule tab, there is a Delivery Schedule field (VBLB-LABNK).
  3. Every time a Delivery Schedule is given say e.g. K10. In this Delivery Schedule- schedule line at maintained.
  4. When all the schedule lines are delivered and confirmed by customer, then this Delivery Schedule K10 is deleted by Batch-job and a new Delivery Schedule no. comes in its place say e.g. K11.
  5. Now this Delivery Schedule, K11, will have new schedule line with new delivery dates.
  6. When this Delivery Schedule is completely delivered then this Delivery schedule will be deleted and a new Delivery Schedule will come in its place.

Now the issue is that I can find Delivery Schedule no. K09, K10 and table VBLB. But I want to know the table in which Schedule lines are present which were maintained in the Delivery Schedule.

In VA33, in Forecast Delivery Schedule tab, in Analysis button, I find all the Delivery Schedules and their details. I got the Delivery Schedule header table VBLB but I am not able to find Delivery Schedule line item table. Which is that table?

We can not stop Batch-job which deletes old Delivery Schedule. We are on ECC 6.6.

Pl help.

Thank you.