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May 11, 2015 at 08:35 AM

GRC 10 - AC - User Defaults - Element 'USER DEFAULT ID' is not in the context


Hi All,

I am trying to configure user defaults for AC application in GRC 10 system, SP17.

I have followed the below knowledge bases for performing this configuration. Since I am using "system Id" as one of the parameter in decision table, I am using loop & rule set.

SAP Notes

1615552 - GRC 10.0 How to set User Default

1665585 - User Defaults BRF+ rule not working correctly

SCN Page

User Defaults - GRC 10.0

Setting up User Defaults - Governance, Risk and Compliance - SCN Wiki

However, I am getting the following error with the loop expression and rule set.

Rule Expression: Element 'User Default Id' is not in the context

Appreciate any pointers to overcome this issue.


Obuli Rajh V S