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Former Member
May 10, 2015 at 04:22 PM

TMG Issue


Hi Friends

requirement is like to maintain a custom table for lots of records in one short with sm30 new entries

Issue : but screen layout was coming field by field so user has to enter value field by field

now in TMG I changed Maintenance type as one step , now lots of entries can be maintain in one short but now new issues is out of around 40 fields 5 fields are key fields and if user press enter after entering first field then rest of key fields become grayed out , where as user want they should be in edit mode only and if I change Maintenance type as two step then this problem will resolve but then screen layout get change and again field by field it come

so multiple data can not be copied from excel .

so basically combination is required is screen layout must be in such a way that huge data can be copied from excel in one short ,

also if user enter first field and press enter still other all fields must be in edit mode only .

any idea ?