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May 09, 2015 at 08:58 AM

What version of D3 is valid for both Vizpacker and Lumira - version 1.25.1 build 23



I have updated to Lumira 1.25.1 build 3 - the free personal edition and now some of my extensions are broken running in Lumira.

The extensions that have broken rely on D3 version 2 and work in Vizpacker 1.25 with NO problems.

Running in Lumira it appears that a different version of d3 is in use from the errors in the console.

I hack all my extensions starting with Vizpacker and all the extensions work as expected in the test web pages with 1.25.

As the errors in Lumira 1.25 lead me to doubt the d3 version in use with Lumira, I created an extension just to display the d3 version in Vizpacker and Lumira.

So using the command d3.version in vizpacker shows version 2.10.0

Creating the extension in vizpacker and importing into Lumira shows d3 version as 3.4.12

So my thoughts are that I can update the d3 version vizpacker uses in the directory libs to match the Lumira one.

But I cant find any statement about the official d3 version with Lumira.

I have checked the visual extension guide

whats new guide

I have checked the issues document as well and it mentions a differenct version of d3

Does anyone know if d3 3.4.12 is the official version now with Lumira? If so can I update the vizpacker lib directory with a d3 version, but where should I download it from, maybe here Release 3.4.12 · mbostock/d3 · GitHub? Or have I missed something in the setup of 1.25.




vizpackerD3.PNG (57.6 kB)
LumiraD3.PNG (19.8 kB)