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May 08, 2015 at 04:47 PM

Bad runtime object reference (Error 21) when run through incremental build. Please help.



Let me brief about my application before ask the question. In our application, we build patch and deploy at client machine. For building patch, we have a library upatch.pbl. This library is only for patch items. whenever we work on defect any released version. We work on object and move it to upatch library.

Once done, we build upatch library using incremental build. Once build is done, we deploy this upatch.pbd at client machine. This update.pbd resides at top in library list so that changed object takes preference in the application. Now the problem is whenever we run the application, we get bad runtime object reference error and application crashes. One workaround, I know is to add reference objects in upatch library and again build the incremental build. We don't know which reference may fail during running the application. We don't get this issue in development mode (running through pbls).

We can not know which reference is failing until we thoroughtly test the whole process. I don't want to increase the size of the upatch pbls (by adding reference objects).

What is the best way to avoid this bad runtime object reference issue. We can't run the full build otherwise we would have to deploy the whole pbds at client machine.

Please help me. I am attaching the error which we get when run the applications.

Please help.