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May 08, 2015 at 01:45 PM

Kapsel+Crosswalk: How to build an Android Fiori Client (AFC) app?


Hi experts,

I know there is a SAP post for doing such a project, but the steps are merged into a lot of other info. And it seems very critical which versions of the related tools are used - it is often a pity that the procedures are not working at the first time when people following the steps decribed though.

Here I want to outline my steps to build a customised Fiori Client app for Android and hope someone can point out what was wrong that cause the project cannot run on an Android device:

Needed tools to be installed:



Cordova (some ver has bugs, v4.0 is not good)


KapselSDK (SP version related to android api level)


Eclipse IDE (Kepler) + ADT and SAP tool plugins (or ADT bundle package)

Set proper system path variables on PC

Steps to build the AFC:

At \fiori_client\ of KapselSDK folder, do:

1. Modify config.js (fill info such as proj name(eg, myAFC), etc and/or crosswalk path)

2. nmp install

3. node creat_fiori_client.js

4. cd myAFC

5. cd myAFC

?6. cd cordova

?7. run.bat <- my question here

?8. cordova -d prepare <- Needed if no crosswalk is used

My question: using crosswalk, is it right to do steps 6 and 7? If not, how? Should we also do step 8?