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May 08, 2015 at 11:21 AM

How to load values of nodes in hierarchy to other dso


Dear friends!

I have bex on dso with dimension hierarchy of cost centers and measure income. for example,

Company 20000

---region. 20000

------costcenter1. 5000

------costcenter2. 5000

------costcenter3. 10000

the region and company is node of hierarchy.

We have other dso Bsc with dimension of organization init:company and region.

I need to load the income of company,region to dso bsc. We want to get values of the nodes in hierarchy.

for example,

company 20000

region 20000

We try using apd but apd doesnt work with hierarchy.

there is option transformation from dso to dso but it seems complex.

What is best way to do it?

Best regards