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Jan 20, 2006 at 11:18 AM

LSMW - IDOC Status 51



I'm relatively new to SAP so please bear with me. I am currently working on a <b>CRM data migration project</b>. I have used a DTD package in SQL server to extract data from an SQL database to flat text files from the legacy system. I've configured LSMW based on the SAP documentation and have completed the IDOC processing stage. When I create the <b>IDOC overview</b>, I have a list of status 51 errors related to a series of IDOC's.

Now I am assuming I am getting these errors due to validation problems with the files. But I am unsure how to locate and troubleshoot these errors. I have drilled down into the IDOC overview list and under <b>"Status Records"</b> with code 51. I am getting these errors:

<b>1) Error status 'A ' calling validation service

Message no. CRMXIF_COMMON010

2) Validation error occurred: Module CRM_BUPA_MAIN_VAL , BDoc type BUPA_MAIN .

Message no. SMW3018

3) Invalid sales and distribution area

Message no. CRM_ORGMAN203

4) Partner 0000203077 (8399CF43CC83530EE10000000A000041 ): the following errors


Message no. BUPA_MW_EXCHANGE010</b>

A previous colleague who was working on the project has created an infoset to help troubleshoot IDOC errors. When I run the infoset it returns this information for the first IDOC.

<b>IDOC Number: 0000000000012042

Status of IDOC: Application document not posted

Status: 51

Status Counter: 0000000000000014

Date Created: 19.01.2006

Time st created: 17:02:16

Parameter 1: CRM_BUPA_MAIN_VAL

StatusText: Validation error occurred: Module &1, BDoc type &2.

Parameter2: BUPA_MAIN

StatCode: blank</b>

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated 😊