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May 07, 2015 at 01:28 PM

Need to get Where the Pricing Logic is written ?


Contract: A contract is created and saved with the ZF00 condition type still missing. Against contract (referring the contract number) Freight Quote is created (key combination as in the screen shot below has been used). This creates ZF00 condition record in the background.

We go back to the contract and update the pricing to populate ZF00 condition type.

Order: An order is created with reference to the contract. The pricing is copied from the contract to order including ZF00 condition type

Pro-forma Invoice: Order is followed by pro-forma invoice which copies the pricing but without ZF00 condition type because of error in the field Material Freight group.

Normal Invoice: Post PGI normal invoice will be created but in this case the pricing is being captured including ZF00 condition type in spite of error in Material Freight Group key combination. Note the message ‘Condition record has been found’. This is not a standard functional behavior as the condition record is being populated programmatically/forcefully but not through configuration.

I would like to get your expert advice on, where possibly they would have added the code to have this feature. I checked in almost all of the sales related badi's and user exits, but couldn't find any code that may have resulted in this behavior. If you know any specific enhancement place or VOFM routines where this could have done, please share your information.



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