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May 07, 2015 at 12:45 PM

Change workbook description in several languages (multi language)


Hi All,

after having created many AfO reports/workbooks (Excel) and saved them to SAPNetweaver in our preferred UI language (DE) we would now like to give descriptions for other UI languages (esp. EN), too .

One way we found is to reconnect to SAP with language EN and then save the report/workbook again.

But this is quite time consuming for some hundreds of reports.

Hope there is another, quicker way to do so.

Within BEX3.5 there was the "Change workbook title" feature, which we cannot find anyhere in AfO.

Technically spoken:

How to add descriptions to table RSAOOBJT column DESC in other LANGU

without just hacking them it into the DB table directly.

Thanks in advance