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May 07, 2015 at 11:50 AM

Defect codes during result recording valuation



I need more info on field “At Lower Tolerance” (PLMKB-CODEGR9U) as used in inspection plan (Defect codes for rejection)?

I’m familiar with field “General” (PLMKB-CODEGRQUAL) which will automatically assign Defect code for a rejected valuation during results recording.

Anyone with a different approach to than online help?

We have a requirement for system to automatically default 1 of 2 defect codes per inspection characteristic, during rejected valuation, e.g.:

Defect code X1 when result is between “Lower spec. lmt” & “LoPlausibility limit”

Defect code X2 when result is below “LoPlausibility limit”

Can anyone assist with more info on this scenario?

Kind regards