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May 07, 2015 at 02:19 AM

Hierarchical Filter Selection not working properly


Hi Experts,

I have created a WAD7 template for which i have given profit center hierarchy as a default value. So when the Chart gets displayed, i get the values for required hierarchy nodes (Till Level 1) which i have selected for (6). Now i want to select one of the sub nodes (out of 6) & see the data for that as a drill down functionality. So i used the "Hierarchical Filter Selection" Web Item in WAD7. However, it's not giving me option to display "posted values" instead it giving me "Listed Values". As a result i am getting all the values listed for the hierarchy even i don't need them, like Unassigned node.

#1. How can i only show the posted values instead all the listed values in hierarchy?

#2. Also, with the same web item, it's displaying the PC attributes information like - Object currency, Person Responsible, Source System ID etc. which is absolutely not required. How can we i avoid that? Is there any setting which will allow me to turn off the attributes from being displayed in the report?

Below is the snapshot for your reference.




PC_Issue_WAD7.JPG (42.8 kB)