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SAP Work manager for Maximo BackEnd java.rmi.UnmarshalException

For the current project SAP Syclo with Maximo Back-end is used. Recently moving testing from Development environment To User acceptance environment We found strange behaviour. It seems that Agentry server on Transmit from client tries to use old Session and that doesn't work because of firewall / Timeouts.

How it looks for user:
1. User logs into Agentry Test Client

2. User presses Xmit button

3. Everything is ok

4. User does something

5. User press Xmit button

6. Message "LogIn to server" only displays and no progress what so ever

In Logs we can see:

2015/05/04 20:41:32.821: + Thread=5092

2015/05/04 20:41:32.821:   + User=TEST

2015/05/04 20:41:32.821:     User 'test' is busy. Skipping keep alive message. Retry attempt in 1 second.


2015/05/04 21:06:31.825:   + User=TEST

2015/05/04 21:06:31.825:     User 'test' is busy. Skipping keep alive message. Retry attempt in 1 second.


2015/05/04 21:11:42.639:             + User=TEST

2015/05/04 21:11:42.639:               : 2 lines, 0 non-printing characters, 215 total characters

CompleteWorkorderSteplet::rethrow::Steplet::rethrowing exception - WO123 - java.rmi.UnmarshalException: Error unmarshaling return header; nested exception is: Read timed out

Does someone has experience facing similar situation?
What to check? Timeouts in Agentry.ini?

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1 Answer

  • May 07, 2015 at 12:06 AM

    Hi. Alex.

    What is your version of SAP Work Manager for Maximo?

    Aside from this what is your version of Agentry or SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 (What is your SP)?

    If you are using at least SMP 3.0 SP06 or lower, I think we have have improved the client on SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 SDK SP07 or higher to fix the blank transmit issue.

    This may be related.


    Mark Pe
    SAP Senior Support Engineer

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    • Alex,

      I will not ask you to upgrade due to a fix but I will ask you to upgrade to SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 (where Agentry is merged in). This is the newest platform that integrates all the mobility design platform of SAP in one product. Agentry is part of it. This is due to the end of life support for Agentry 6.0.X is July 31st 2015.

      To accomodate this, the SAP Maximo design team release a Maximo 7.5.2 compliant version under this new platform called SAP Work Manager for Maximo 8.0. This is your IBM released version for 7.5.2. Also If you are interested in Maximo 7.6 you would need SAP Work Manager for Maximo 8.1.

      With what I said above, you guys need to act fast.SAP Note # 52505 - may explain what happens on replacement software.

      Back to this issue, now that I know what version you have. The time out could occur depending on how long the actual transmit was plus if there was any disconnect in the process wherein the mobile app is trying to reconnect.

      You can check your messages.log to see if you have O - Outgoing, T- Trying combination in the message. This is when you will see if the mobile device is trying to reconnect. As shown in your statement above, there is some skipping of keep alive.  You may need to look at your logs (where you got the statement above) closely and compare this to the messages.log.

      Agentry Messages Log Definition - SAP Mobility - SCN Wiki

      The trick is to see how long the transmit was. If you do get a messages.log stating that it is "T" - trying then it means either there is a lag or a transmit disruption. If you do not get this then it might just be slow.

      See your timestamp above:

      2015/05/04 20:41:32.821


      2015/05/04 21:06:31.825


      015/05/04 21:11:42.639:

      The error above is a Java interface issue on transmit. So either something went wrong in the processing that took too long or the transmit got disrupted.

      This is what I can tell for now. 

      Contact me if you want a call about the transitioning from Agentry 6.0.X to SMP 3.0. We have a SAP Rapid Innovation Group YouTube video on explaining the architecture (available in this SCN). My customer outreach version is setting expectation on what needs to be done technically when you are about to start (technical session).

      Best Regards,

      Mark Pe

      SAP Senior Support Engineer