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May 05, 2015 at 02:22 PM

ASE 15.7 SP133 to be re-released as SP134


ASE 15.7 SP133 was released last week, but included the wrong version (OCS SP132) of the OCS (Open Client) component subdirectory.
SP133 has been removed from the download site and will be re-released as SP134 with the correct OCS component later this week (I'm told the target is "before May 11th"). Email has been sent to all identifiable contacts who downloaded the release (if you downloaded it but did not receive some notification, you might verify that your registered contact information contains a valid email address).

If you are using ASE for custom applications (i.e. not for SAP Business Suite, etc.) and have already installed SP133, you can correct the environment by downloading and installing the 15.7 SP133 SDK for ASE patch.


Go to "S" -> "SDK for SAP ASE" -> 15.7 -> your platform

If you have not already downloaded SP133, please wait for the SP134 release.

For SAP Application environments, if you have already applied SP133 engineering is writing up more detailed instructions.
If you have downloaded SP133 but not yet applied it please wait for SP134.

If you need a more formal announcement (for your manager, etc.) this information has also been published as KBA 2164138