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May 05, 2015 at 01:13 PM

Purchase Order Deletion Without Full Archiving


Hi Fellow SCN'rs,

I'm new to posting on the forum but have used this resource for years. There are a lot of great participants here!

My question... I am working on a piece of development to identify & set deletion flags on production orders that have been completed and settled for X number of months (along with other selection criteria). Some of the predecessors to this being successful is that all account assigned purchase orders, manual requisitions and inspection lots have been 'completed'.

For the account assigned purchase orders, this means that the deletion flag must be set (to 'L') - along with all of the conditions that must exist to allow that. For my situation, the PO must have been delivered complete, GR/IR quantities are in balance and the business is finished transacting upon the PO line item. I was able to successfully identify and set these to EKPO-LOEKZ = L using BAPI_PO_CHANGE - but this has some unwanted baggage. (1) it requires re-versioning of the purchase order and (2) it re-triggers the approval hierarchy for the purchase order. I do not want to re-trigger approval workflows for orders that are merely being deleted for this purpose.

So - I'm considering the use of archiving pre-processor program RM06EV70 to set these deletion flags. Since it ultimately does direct updates, it will not trigger versioning or approval processes.

Note that my company has no archiving strategy in place (or any open projects to implement such things) - so using the full archiving process (with write & delete steps) is probably not feasible at this time. The scope of that project far exceeds the boundaries of the time we have available for this now.

I know that RM06EV70 sets deletion flags at the EKKO level also - which is not really a requirement for my production order deletion process and may have some unwanted baggage of its own (such as not being easily reversed), but I have no control of that with this program.

Back to my question... can anyone think of any harm done by using RM06EV70 to set deletion flags - without implementing the full archiving process for purchasing documents?

Thanks for your input!