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Former Member
Jan 20, 2006 at 04:40 AM

Special Characters in InfoPackage Data Selection


Hi Experts,

Is it possible to include special key such as * in the data selection tab in the infoPackage? e.g. *AB

I have created a custom DataSource to extract all work order with costs data.

However we only need work order data with revision number that finishes with 'AB' for reporting. (if I do not apply this selection, extracted data will be too big).



00000012AB --> to be included in extraction

00000231AB --> to be included in extraction

00012322AB --> to be included in extraction

Y07WK06 --> excludes this record

00000007AB --> to be included in extraction

Can this be achieve by using '*AB' in the data selection screen?

Currently, SELOPTS of custom DataSource is been set to '0'. (where can I change this SELOPTS value to something else?)

If special key is not allowed in the data selection screen, can you suggest any alternative solution?

Kind regards,