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May 05, 2015 at 07:50 AM

Variance Figure and Variance Percentage


Hello all,

In relation to my previous thread which I was very much grateful for the help from Tanveer I have some other aspects that I need to add to my report.

Now that I have an average in my crosstab (taking an average excluding the forst quarter) I now need to add a line to show a variance and then a further line below this to show the variance percentage. So I would have the monthly figures on the top line, avergae below this (which I now have) and then the monthly variance below this and then a line below to show the monthly percentage variance.

In addition to this I need to add the average line that I currenlty have in the cross tab to the SPC chart which I have in the report.

April May June etc.... 2014/2015 17,056 18,000 19,000 Average 18,200 18,200 18,200 Variance -1144 +200 +800 Variance % -23% +10% +19%

Something like the above.......

Many thanks in advance!

KInd Regards,