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May 05, 2015 at 06:11 AM

EG-ESG groupings in time management


Hello experts,

Lately I have started to work on time mgmt and I realized that ESG in PSA grouping are extremely important in configuring various variation based on EG-ESG combination or PA-PSA combination. I found that time mgmt has extensive set of grouping for PA-PSA combination however same is not the case with EG-ESG based grouping.

Allowed time grouping based on PA-PSA

Holiday Calendar Attendance/Absence Availability And Substitution Time Quotas Time Recording Overtime Absence Counting Daily Work Schedule Work Schedule Rule Time Quota

Allowed time grouping based on EG-ESG

Work Schedule Time Quota

In my current implementation I have various restriction based on employee group - sub group combination. For instance I want to restrict only certain leave types to hourly employees or have different overtime rules for hourly employees compared to salaried employees.

Please advise how to group employees for overtime and Attendance/Absence based EG-ESG cimbination?