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May 04, 2015 at 10:42 PM

No Hierarchies for this InfoSource in the Source System


Hello All,

I want to find out how to get my hierarchy back in Bex (Query Designer). We just got a new BW system. The hierarchy was loading fine in the old system but unable to see it in the new system. I have done the following and still no luck:

  1. Replicated the Datasource
  2. Replicated the Source System
  3. Maintain Hierarchies shows no hierarchies and when I click on create hierarchy (No values when you click on Hierarchy Name). Whereas I get hierarchy values in the old system.
  4. In the Infopackage, click on Hierarchy Selection => Available Hierarchies from OLTP, I get "There are no Hierarchies for this InfoSource in the Source System".

Is there anything am missing? My suspicion is may be the Hierarchies need to be maintained in ECC first and then I should replicate again and then load the hierarchy.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.