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May 04, 2015 at 06:30 PM

BPC v10 Book Publishing Data File


I have a group that heavily utilizes book publishing in our current version of BPC, whereby the process runs and we are able to pull off the underlying PDF documents to a separate network folder for them once they run since the people they run them for do not have system access.

We are trying to go live on an upgrade to v10, our ITS group wants to do this by Friday, but the files (or zip file) isn't going to the same location it used to. I don't want to hold the IT group up, but at the same time cannot shut this off for my customer so I am looking for any help that may be available.

Current version 7.0, SP3, places the published books here:

L:\FileDB\FinanceAppSet\Main ("L" being the drive IT mapped for us so we could pick up the files)

Files don't appear to be going to the same location on the new server/version, and I need to find where they are going so I can give the green light to the upgrade. (Well, as soon as IT resolves the issue whereby we can't access BPC Help, but that isn't part of this question....)

Thank you!