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Jan 20, 2006 at 01:25 AM

Currency Conversion loading...


Hi All,

I am going to perform currency conversion via update rule. I understand now to write the code in the start routine of the update rules. Some basic questions below:

1. How is the exchange rates loaded to BW? Via the transfer global settings?

2. How often do you load exchange rates in BW? What is typical?

3. Where in BW can I check the exchange rates?

4. Let's assume the rates are loaded to BW. Now, a dataload comes in and the currency conversion takes place in the update rule to the Cube. Let's say that 1 Euro = 1.15 USD on 1/19/06. So all data loaded to the Cube on 1/19/06 will get this exchange rate. Now, on 1/20/06 new rates are loaded and the conversion is now 1 Euro = 1.50 USD. So the next InfoPackage load will get these new rates?

Is this incorrect, or does the exchange rates in BW all have dates, so depending on the date of the document being loaded to the Cube the correct exchange rate is read to equal this date. Example document date = 1/19/06 so it gets the exchange rate 1/19/06, where all documents that are 1/20/06 will get exchange rates equal to 1/20/06???

Please excuse my ignorance on this subject. My invovlement with BW in the past has not involved currency conversion...until now 😊