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May 04, 2015 at 01:22 PM

Fixed Bin strategy in EWM


Hello Experts,

I am working to configure fixed bin strategy in system.I have made following settings in fixed bin storage type-

Use Fixed Bin X

Do Not assign fixed bin automatically X

Conf.Putaway X

Capacity Check 1

Putaway Rules 2

I have assigned a fixed bin to the product and have maintained maximum capacity 20 G(For testing 🤪)

In my storage bin master data I have maintained maximum bin capacity as 20 G again.

Capacity consumption in unit of measure tab based on calculation as total bin capacity/max prod qty (20/20=1) I have assigned 1

In my putaway sequence I have defined fixed bin storage and then reserve storage type.

When I try to create delivery for 25 G ,its directly going to reserve storage.

My expectation is it should first go to fixed bin,remaining qty should go to reserve storage.

Can someone point out what is missing?