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May 04, 2015 at 02:31 AM

Issue with Tabstrip and OpenPrompt


Hello All,

I have a Design studio Application with Two Tabs and a Prompt Button in the Tab 1. When I first run the application it works fine with both the Tabs getting displayed and switching between Tabs back and forth works well too.

The issue is when I click on the Prompt Button and run for a new selection both the Tabs gets refreshed and the Charts with the data are all visible for both the Tabs. When I switch to Tab 2 it works perfect but when I again try to view my Tab1 and click on the Tab 1 it is not switching to Tab1 rather it is still in Tab 2.I tried to click on the Tab 1 several times thinking it might be some bug issue but no luck and I executed both on IE and Chrome but still it is the same.

Can you please help me on this.

I tried enabling the Tabstrip with all my Dastasources as Initialized but still the issue exists and both the Tabs are visible but still no luck.

I am on DS 1.4 SP3 and Internet Explorer 11.