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May 03, 2015 at 07:43 PM

Advice in implementation different kind of kpis in ssm


We build first SSM scorecards and have 20 KPIS for implementation.

We have requirement from our client to see KPI's according to organization units -hierarchy:

Company->region->sub region. WE have 2 kind of KPI's:

  1. KPIs financial that have organizational hierarchy : there is relations between company and region and sub region - region = sum of sub region for examplE

2. Kpis that doesn't have organizational hierarchy :

There is other formulas for computing target and actual of company,region, sub region.For example,"Depreciation of water" is computing for company according to one formula and for region another.Actual and target is fill for company and regions separately by the users.

We need to show all of kpis according to organization hierarchy at ssm.

We have 2 problem to implement it:

1 .To load it by the Bica. For first kind of kpis i can build hierarchy and load it to ssm. But for second kind of kpis i cant put it to same hierarchy. On the other hands,Bica works with hierarchy better and for each characteristics it prefer to use hierarchy.How it possible to load it by bica without hierarchy ?

2.How to implement it in ssm ?How to join 2 kinds of kpis by the one organization structure(hierarchy) in ssm?

I'm very glad to get any ideas and help in implementation this .

Best regards,

Benyamin orit.