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May 02, 2015 at 06:25 AM

CKM3..Not able to release STD Cost, NO Transactions in 2 period But in CKM3.....


Dear Experts,

Cient is activated ML with actual costing. For the period 2 (MAY 2015) releasing standard cost on 12.00 AM on MAY 1st.

For all materilas STD cost has been released successfully, but we have problam for one material.

For that material checked in MB51 no entries on 02 period (MAY), but in CKM3 showing Quantities and values entered. in CKM3 we found two transactions Under begining inventory under Cosumption enteries with 601 movement tyep with negative vales and negative quantity.we saw the source document for that is 30.04.2015 only means first period. Have checked in first period the documents are displaying in 1 period also(Documnet numbers are same in 1st and 2nd period) but in first period that is positive values and in second period negative values.

The same thing we can see in ML document, but in source document (MM and FI document, delivery document) not able to trace second period .

All posting date, document date and entry date are 1st period worry is how it is posted in second period.

I have checked in CKMD also, it is showing posting date is 30.04.2015 but period showing as 2 period ( April is the first period)

Please suggest why it was happend?

One more thing is they schduled one delivery on MAY 1ST but they deliverd on 30.04.2015 with same date (30.04.2015)

Thanks In advance...

Thanks ,