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Former Member
May 02, 2015 at 06:51 AM

How to suppress certain fields in ALE Outbound INFREC IDOCs?


Dear All

Is it possible to suppress certain fields in Outbound ALE IDOCs (for example INFREC IDOCs) ?

I am in need to send Info Records from one ECC system to another. The problem is, in the sending ECC system the INFREC IDOCs are created with the field E1EINAM-INFNR which carries the Info Record number. But the target ECC system might have a different Info Record already existing (for a different article) with the same Info Record Number. If the INFREC IDOCs are created without the INFNR field (i.e. if the field is blank) and then sent to the target system via ALE, it is successfully processed in the target system and a new Info Record is created with a different Info Record number. This is what is required. How can it be made possible?


Vignesh Sankaranarayanan