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May 01, 2015 at 07:54 PM

varient configuration "object not configurable"


( I believe I am having a similar problem.

I have created a varient configuration (rbs99a) to fill out another varient configuration(rb_c_soff). The two varient configurations are in different plants (rbs99a is in Plant "SED", while rb_c_soff is in plant "221"). Rb_c_soff is a non stocked items and has been placed on the BOM as a Item Category of N (Non-Stock Item)

I am running into an error when trying to pull up the varient configuration (rb_c_soff) when it has been selected in the results in CU50 simulation. The error is "message no. CX051. You have selected a BOM item for which characteristic value assignment is not supported. The item is not a configurable object."

Both varient configurations are class type 300. I did not create rb_c_soff and had noticed that it has multiple class assignments. I am typically not use to that.

I had noticed that you suggested using a class type of 200 of the post above. I am not familar with this idea. I am looking for some help to resolve the issue. Any input is helpful. I been stuck on this one for a while.