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May 01, 2015 at 05:44 PM

Infocube Index Problem



I have loaded a infocube with huge number of records, load is a from a Standard DSO to cube, there were 900 requests in the DSO, so I did not prefer the delta load as request by request, instead data is loaded from active data table. it ended of having 500 million records in one request and took 9 hours.

After that, I started the compression of the request, it was running for 3 days, basis Cancelled the job at last. After that I am trying to go to Manage tab of the cube, it is not responding, I can't display the data in cube by LISTCUBE also, it is spinning for a long time and not responding.

I have performed a RSRV check 'Data base indices of an Infocube', it failed with an error as, ****/bic/E fact table index is not valid. I have tried to correct the error by running repair, the action is taking long time but did not complete the job and getting to dump as it timed out.

I requested Basis team to re generate the Index, they were not able to do that because they are getting a message that, index is not created so can't be built.

Could you please let me know, how do I correct this issue?