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May 01, 2015 at 06:48 PM

Adding an image to FPM form using FPM/FLUID Editor


One of the new features of FPM Editor (used by HCM Processes and Forms to create processes with WebDynpro forms) is a standard element called "FPM_FGL2_IMAGE". I added this element to the screen and asked to enter a source to the image. When I entered a URL to an image on my desktop and saved the form I couldn't open the form anymore (not in the editor and not on "run" mode). So, I couldn't enter the form and delete the URL that caused the problem and my form was lost.

I have two questions regarding this issue:

  1. How can I delete the URL that causes this error in order to save my form and avoid building it from the beginning?
  2. What URL should I put in this field in order that this WD component will display the image on the FPM form?