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Former Member
May 01, 2015 at 10:56 AM

Reason for rejection in sales order is not working logically



I have faced the following behavior of the system which, according to me, is not logical. Please let me correct if I am wrong and suggest the solution.

I have created a contract of qty 100 MT and subsequent sales order of 100 MT which is delivered partially with 80 MT and invoice posted according to 80 MT.

Now I have rejected the sales order item with rejection reason. Logically system should reject only open qty of sales order (i.e. 20 MT = total 100 less 80 delivered). And another sales order with reference to contract should be allowed to upto 20 MT only. But system is allowing to create another sales order upto 100 MT qty instead of 20 MT.

It means that system rejects whole line item while rejecting even though order is partially delivered.

Is this the correct reaction of system ?. Logically, in this case, system should reject only 20 MT which is not delivered and not 80 MT which is already delivered.

Please let me know how to control this behavior of system.