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May 01, 2015 at 07:36 AM

Conditional background color for Table's/Lits's item in XMLView.


Hi, i have a list, let's say it is similar to the list in this post:

<List xmlns="sap.m" id="idList" inset="false" visible="true" headerText="" headerDesign="Standard" footerText="" mode="None" width="100%" includeItemInSelection="false" showUnread="false" noDataText="" showNoData="true" enableBusyIndicator="true" modeAnimationOn="true" showSeparators="All" swipeDirection="Both" growing="false" growingThreshold="20" growingTriggerText="" growingScrollToLoad="false" rememberSelections="true" backgroundDesign="Solid" itemPress=""
items="{path:'Order_Details'}" >
        <ColumnListItem type="Navigation" counter="0">
                <Text text="{OrderID}"/>
                <ObjectIdentifier title="{ProductID}" text="{UnitPrice}">
        <Column minScreenWidth="tablet">
                <Text text="OrderID" maxLines="0"/>
        <Column minScreenWidth="tablet">
                <Text text="ProductID / UnitPrice" maxLines="0"/>

Looking like that:

How can i conditionally change background color (or style) of list item (row or cell, whatever)?

What i have already tried:

What else should i try?

Best Regards, Ilia.


B1-01.png (42.3 kB)