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Apr 30, 2015 at 11:16 PM

Restoring MaxDB from a Network Drive?



currently we are working on a system refresh (Windows 2008 R2 + MaxDB) with SWPM10 as <SID>adm.

At the moment we are stuck at the restore in the MaxDB Database Studio. At the point when the SWPM tells us to "Use the DBMGUI to perform a database recovery..." we tried to do this.Our backup files are waiting on a network drive.

In DB Studio via Administration Tasks -> Recovery we set up a new parallel backup template. We put the Path "X:\PRDBr\PRD_COM_0" Under "Device/File" in Device 1. Device 2 holds "X:\PRDBr\PRD_COM_1".

See for yourself in this screenshot:

Unfortunately we are being confronted with the error message that you can see in the top left of the screenshot:

-24994 Runtime environment error 1, wrong path

Instead of using drive letters we also tried UNC paths like: \\server\backup\PRDBr\PRD_COM_0 and \\server\backup\PRDBr\PRD_COM_1. This leads to another error message: -24994 Runtime environment error 1, access denied

The UNC path and the network drive are perfectly accessible by the user <SID>adm in Windows Explorer.

Can you give us any support on that issue? We would greatly appreciate that :-)

Thanks so far and regards