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Apr 30, 2015 at 09:09 PM

CR4E (HTML Text Interpretation when Field Inserted in a Text-Box)..?


SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise


Build: 2013 Support Pack 3 Patch 2


Our application developers use HTML text within the DB a lot for Formatting and French-Language Characters, etc within their apps.

We noticed a functional "Bug" in CR4E when reporting against these Fields - versus the way that it behaved in CR-2013 (*and Earlier).

1.) Insert a Result Object from the Database or Query that contains HTML formatted Text into a Text element in your report Structure.

2.) Right-Click on the FIELD within the TEXT element....and go to the Paragraph settings...

3.) The Options for Text Interpretation are missing.

4.) Drag the same Result Object from the Database or Query directly on to the Structure, Right-Click on the FIELD....and go to the Paragraph settings...

In CR-2013, you can set the Text Interpretation on the Field-Element when it is inside or outside of a Text box.

In CR4E, you have to make the settings outside of the Text Box, and then drag it into the Text Box (*Ugly - but functional - Workaround).

Anybody know if this is Fixed in SP5 - or the upcoming SP6...?