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Apr 30, 2015 at 04:19 PM

Problem to generete settlement rule automatcaly in the WBS


Hi people,

Could you help me about the subject below?

For some reason, when we create a new wbs, it was not created the settlement rule automatcally. ( For the other one it runs OK, only for one WBS it was not ok).

So we tried to execute the transaction CJB2 to generate the settlement rule.

We have analysed the Forun and find: We try to apply the piece of the change program about the flag ex.: INVMA.

But when we execute the CJB2 and do the things there is in this forun, the system create the settlement rule with CTR (cost center) instead of FXA (Asset).

Do you have some suggestion how we can do to create the settlement rule with FXA by transaction CJB2?