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Apr 30, 2015 at 02:25 PM

FLP@HCP - wrong routing of OData calls after first one


Hi all,

I've a custom HTML5 application which works great when launched standalone without FLP.

Three OData services from an on premise system are used:

  • /igwj/odata/GSSLS/PROJECT_SRV (Integration Gateway Java)
  • /igwj/odata/GSSLS/PRJ_HELPER_SRV (Integration Gateway Java)
  • /bpmodata/startprocess.svc/... (BPM OData service)

the on premise system is configured with Principal Propagation and works nicely i.e. also destinations are configured correclty

I integrated the application in Fiori Launchpad and I get a really weird behavior.

From the Chrome developer tools, I can see that the first call is done towards the url

http://...../sap/fiori/createmarket/igwj/odata/GSSLS/PROJECT_SRV and it works ok

while the subsequent calls don't have the /sap/fiori/createmarket prefix (part of it is the name of the app) and thus I get a HTTP 404 error

What's really strange is that whatever call is executed first, it gets done with proper prefix, all the others fail.

The calls are started just by (for instance):

var oModelProjectHelper = new sap.ui.model.odata.ODataModel(sProjectHelperServiceUrl, true);
this.setModel(oModelProjectHelper, "projectHelper");

I tried to exclude all most trivial errors through the debugger and to me it looks like the FLP is doing something wrong in the routing.

Can anyone please share some insight on this?

Thanks, regards