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Apr 30, 2015 at 01:15 PM

Design Studio 1.4 on BW 7.4 on HANA to replace BEx Web as user interface for Integrated Planning


I have been testing Design Studio 1.4 on top of BW 7.4 on HANA as to replace BEx Web as user interface for Integrated Planning and there are a number of things that I have not yet been able to solve and I would like to know if anybody else have experienced the same and if you have any solution or workaround for them.

  1. Variable Screen
    1. If you enter variable values directly when you use multiple variables (i.e. not input help), then you have to click "Ok" twice in order to proceed to the application.
    2. As I understand, if we use the personalization option, this will not only bypass the variable screen but also scripts defined in the "On startup", is there any way to get around this and only allow users to save their variable values?
    3. It is not possible to navigate in the variable screen using arrow keys on the keyboard, only tab can be used (or mouse)
    4. If there is a crosstab located closer than about 100px from the top margin, then the variable screen is shown partly outside (above) the computer screen.
  2. Planning:
    1. If you with the mouse mark a value in an input ready cell, then type a new value, this does not work, you have to first click in the cell in order to be able to enter a new value.
    2. Is there any way to highlight the input ready cells other then the bolder outline (default), perhaps via CSS?
    3. I am having issues with variable binding to planning sequences when the variable is a customer exit (copyVariableValue) but I have read this should be supported (as a workaround I read the characteristic/dimension filter value instead).
  3. Other
    1. Is there any way to via a script close the application (to use in an "Exit" button)?

Thank you in advance for your tips,
Best regards,