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Apr 29, 2015 at 09:31 PM

Massive Perfomance issue by combining queries and oracle smart views within one Workbook


Dear all,

I request for your help/hints on a problem with the Analysis for Office regarding the combination of different datasource-types.

The Situation:

The workbook contents several sheets. Furthermore it uses oracle smart views (Connection to HFM Oracle database) and one SAP Queries which get triggered by a macro.

The Problem:

The Perfomance of the workbook is extremely low. If i open the .xlsm file via Excel the Workbook is starting fast, but if i'm using Analysis for Office to open the workbook it takes more than 10 Minutes. Interesting: The query will be triggered by a macro manually and the connection to the Oracle Smart Views aren't activated - so that shouldn't be the problem.

What has been done so far:

- Starting the workbook via Analysis for Office only with Oracle Smart Views --> Fast start

- Starting the woorkook via Analysis for Office containing only the SAP Query --> Fast start

- Bringing both together --> very slow start

- I tested another query as well combined by the existing views --> very slow start

- Created a new workbook by starting with oracle views and extended it by the query later on --> very slow start

- Tried it the opposite way by starting with the query --> very long loading scene

- Deactivated all makros and links. I deleted a bunch of the existing sheets within the excel file too. But it didn't help --> very slow start

What else can i try? Made somebody the same experience?

Thanks everybody