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Apr 29, 2015 at 03:15 PM

Is abap thread safe? Some question in Singleton pattern in ABAP


Hi Grus,

I have a very basic question but really make me headache...

Recently I am learning the design pattern in ABAP and as you know in JAVA there is a key word "Synchronized" to keep thread safe. But in ABAP, I didn't find any key words like that. So does that mean ABAP is always a single thread language? And I found that there is a way looks like "CALL FUNCTION Remotefunction STARTING NEW TASK Taskname DESTINATION dest" to make multi-thread works. As you can see it use the destination, so does that mean actually the function module is always executed in a remote system, and in every system, it is always single thread?

Could you help me on the question? Thanks a lot, grus😊😊

And here comes up to my mind another question...It's a little bit mad but I think it may works....What if I set every attribute and method as static in the singleton class...Since as you can see it is already a singleton so every attribute in it should be only one piece. So then I don't even need to implement a get_instance( ) method to return the instance. Just call "class_name=>some_method( )" directly then singleton is achieved...What do you think?