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Apr 29, 2015 at 09:58 AM

Kapsel Cordova project for Android as a Platform


Hello, I am very new to Kapsel Cordova and to SMP3.0 .I have created the Kapsel Cordova project using the command line Interface(CLI) for platform as an android .I have also added different plugins related to the cordova which I want in my app to work like camera and the geolocation.

The ISSUE:while I have created the Kapsel Cordova project and prepared it using CLI and importing the project into the Eclipse IDE .

I am getting the above error in my project.While importing the project as an already existing project of Android in eclipse Juno.

So,can you please help me out for explaining what exactly the Whitelisting is and what are its methods and all since I feel the documentation is not sufficient to answer my question.

IDE:Eclipse Juno

Android device 4.0.0

JDK 1.7

JRE 1.7

Please Help....!!!

Thanks in advance...!!!


WhiteList.png (211.7 kB)