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Apr 29, 2015 at 08:53 AM

no alert when key column supplied with null value


hi all,

i have a simple dataflow :

source [flat files]

query transform [direct mapping]

target is a table [first two columns A & B are keys]

when data is supplied for both the key columns, that record is getting loaded. [record-1 in below snapshot]

but when data for either/both of key columns is blank, then that record is not getting loaded. [record-2 in below snapshot]

this record is not loaded to target table, we got no alert/failure etc.

the logs in management console showed successful but no records loaded.

so i was clueless of the data not being loaded.

i want the job to fail when blank is supplied for key columns.

can anyone suggest?


Capture.JPG (29.2 kB)