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Apr 28, 2015 at 09:39 AM

The same screen looks differently for each user. How to remedy?


Hi everybody,

I have an application which works fine.

But when the same application is run from another computer, the screens look very different, because all computers do not have the same type and size of monitor.

On one computer, all columns fit the whole screen, but on another computer, not all columns fit the whole screen, and a scroll bar appears on the screen.

On one computer, all buttons appear near the right of the screen, but on another computer, the buttons are so far to the right that they are in fact off the screen, and do not appear on the screen.

Note: I do not use Screen Painter or other visual tools. All my dimensions and positions are hard coded.

How can I modify my coding so that all users see exactly the same screens on their computers?

Any ideas are most welcome.

Probably, I will have to parametrize my dimensions and positions, but how?

Below is a picture which explains my problem.


Leon Lai


Capture.JPG (110.1 kB)