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Apr 28, 2015 at 08:12 AM

On a UDF (on a system table) add a CFL (linked to a system table)



I added a UDF to OITM, named say "XXX_RootOfPrj". It appears on the standard UDFs panel:

Users should type a project code (OPRJ.PrjCode) here.

For helping them I need to add a ChooseFromList on this UDF, linked to OPRJ.

So I added this line in the UDF definition:

oUserFieldsMD.LinkedTable = "OPRJ";

But when I Add() the UDF I get:

Errore -5002: Il campo 'Tabella collegata' dovrebbe essere formato da 8 car. alfanumerici senza val. standard validi

Which means more or less:

Error -5002: 'Linked table' field should be formed by 8 alphanumeric characters without standard valid values

Maybe is it impossible what I want to do? It's odd that I can link a UDT but not a system table...

Maybe should I use a workaround, like manually attaching a CFL on the form using UI API?


RootOfPrj.png (4.1 kB)